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Finishing Your DHCP Server

Now that we have our wonderfully clustered DHCP server running it is fabulous that it has failover but does us not a spot of good if it isn’t configured. So let’s get that wrapped up. Fortunately this is a lot simpler than building a cluster from the command line. We need a scope created and activated for our DHCP range. I am going to use the range for this. Now for some added redundancy we could also implement the 80/20 rule with a second DHCP server in addition to our clustered DHCP. The way this works is that 80% of the scope would be kept on the cluster and then 20% would be on another DHCP server. Just in case the cluster went completely bananas. 80/20 is definitely something you should look into if you’re pursuing your MCSE or MCITP. We will not be implementing it for this lab though.

For configuring the DHCP server from the command line you go back into your friendly netsh utility. First off we need to authorize this DHCP server in Active Directory.

netsh dhcp>add server turksdhcp.shinra.inc
netsh dhcp>show server

You should see the listing for your server there. Now to jump onto the server.

netsh dhcp>server \\turksdhcp
netsh dhcp server>add scope Headquarters

We now have our first scope created. It needs a range added.

netsh dhcp server>scope
netsh dhcp server scope>add iprange

This gives us our 100-200 range. We need to set some options though so that our clients will be correctly configured. Even though this subnet currently does not have a gateway I will be setting one anyways.

netsh dhcp server scope>set optionvalue 003 IPADDRESS
netsh dhcp server scope>set optionvalue 006 IPADDRESS
netsh dhcp server scope>set optionvalue 015 STRING shinra.inc

And that’s it! A whole lot simpler than actually configuring the cluster wasn’t it. It still may be easier through the GUI but the scripting possibilities are pretty exciting. Don’t forget to bring on a client and test it out to make sure it is working well. Then for those of you studying your MCSE or MCITP check out this fascinating reading of how the DHCP process works. It is knowledge well worth having.

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