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Useful Links

Things have been a bit busy so in lieu of content I present links to useful content that should go into your bookmarks/rss.

  • TechExams.net – Here you will find a treasure trove of legal study notes for various exams. It realyl helped me out when I was doing the 70-270- and 70-290. Even more importantly they have a great forum full of people willing and able to help.
  • TechNet – Definitely one for everyone’s bookmarks. You will find all sorts of best practices and handy descriptions of how to set up, deploy and manage various Microsoft systems.
  • MSExchange.org – One of three of the best places to go for any problems or research for Exchange.
  • Petri IT Knowledge Base – This is another place that is great for Exchange, though it is useful for Microsoft systems beyond Exchange as well.
  • Elan Shudnow’s Blog – Another great place to go for Exchange information and pick up a few other tips along the way.

Now for a few links a bit more off the beaten path.

  • VirtualBox – One of the best free desktop virtualization packages available, especially if you are running on Linux.
  • One Hundred Pushups and Two Hundred Situps – You need to stay in shape or get back into shape. Everything works better when you’re healthy.
  • Ask the Headhunter – You can find some great wisdom on job searching here. The book is also good supplementary reading.

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