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Easy Ways to find your Mail Enabled Public Folders

It looks like some of you are wanting to easily find your mail enabled public folders. Definitely something good to know, especially when you are planning out a migration or are being thrown into a new and probably fragile environment. The documentation is never up to date of course so you have to dig it out yourself. Here comes PowerShell to rescue you from manually slogging through it all!

$Servers = Get-PublicFolderDatabase
foreach($TargetServer in $Servers)
    Get-PublicFolder -Recurse -Server $TargetServer.Server | where {$_.MailEnabled -eq $true}

This will grab all of the mail enabled public folders from all of the servers in your organization. But in case you need to dig in further, say for instance if you are needing to dig into the AD objects for fixing things like missing homeMDB entries or other woes. Or even just plain documentation. This one liner will do it for you.

Get-ADObject -SearchBase ( "CN=Microsoft Exchange System Objects," + (Get-ADRootDSE).rootDomainNamingContext) -SearchScope OneLevel -Filter { (mail -like "*") -and (ObjectClass -eq "publicFolder")} | select Name

I hope this helps out a few of you out there.

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