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RSAT for Windows 7

Having recently converted over to Windows 7 one thing I found missing was the Remote Server Administration Tools. Well they are missing no longer. Go and get your RSAT goodies here! Don’t forget after installing you have to go into Programs & Features and add in the tools that you use.

On another note I have to admit that I am really liking Windows 7. I haven’t been using it very long and never made the time to really explore it during beta. But now that I have put it into full time use I have really come to like a number of the UI features. The quick documents/tabs off a program in the start menu or the pinned icons down in the task bar are great. It especially works out for having remote desktop pinned to the start menu and then a quick start list of my favourite servers just off it. I am also really appreciating the ease of use for the network connections icon in the tray. Very simple to cycle through various VPN connections now.

So overall? I like it a lot. No compatibility issues and has been a very painless conversion process.

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